Our Core Values

Our team is guided and defined by these five core values that help shape who we are both as a business and as an organization as a whole.

Grow or Die

We have a consistent focus on finding new ways to innovate. We also make sure to maximize everything we have at our disposal to get the best results.

A-Players Only

We are a team of A-players – high performers who always make sure to display respect, empathy, and genuine concern to everyone.

Urgency Wins

We take immediate action, addressing issues and seizing opportunities right away, never wavering in our commitments to continuous progress.

Never Off Track

We build and gain trust by delivering on our commitments, and our ability to learn from any mistakes and improving on these.

No Barriers

Our communication channels are always seamless with everyone we deal with. Everyone who needs to know is always duly informed.

Meet our team

We’re a talented group of creative individuals interested in art, cinematography, design, music, and all niches in between. Get to know us and what we can do for you!

Marc Roca

Founder & CEO

Founder of the 3rd Amazon Aggregator, and, since 2018, has acquired and built 30+ online businesses to date.
Tim Ginn

Tim Ginn

Head of Technology

Entrepreneur with MBA in Finance, enhances ecommerce with tech, leveraging HCI and software skills for business growth.
Jacob Erdei

Jacob Erdei

Head of Marketing

Specializes in paid media, SEO/SEM, project management, and acquiring profitable e-commerce companies.
Jake Barnett

Jake Barnett

Head of Business Development

A highly experienced business development specialist who has worked with two aggregator Boosted and investment bank Fortunet.
Benoit Labat-Camy

Benoît Labat-Camy

Head of Operations, Amazon

Boasts a decade of global acumen in logistics, dropshipping, and product import-export management with different brands and companies.
Alex Maximo

Alex Maximo

Head of Content

Experienced content developer with a Master’s in English Studies. His portfolio includes work on technology, education, and digital enablement.

Raymond Ramos

Raymond Ramos

Chief of Staff

Holds diverse HR experience in major firms, and is now pursuing his Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology.