💪🏼Why Being Lean and Mean Matters

Agility is paramount during turnarounds

Whew! I’m just getting settled in after a busy week and a half travelling to China and Japan. Business trips can be tiring but this one had me quite energized after having fruitful discussions with our team, friends, and new partners.

Headways Made


The Lunar New Year is just around the corner. Upcoming holidays in China do have an impact on manufacturing and logistics. We have to factor these into our supply chain planning. So, it was really crucial for us and our China team to sort things out to avoid any issues for the rest of Q1.

As I mentioned in our last update, I also had several meetings scheduled with potential Japanese partners. I’m happy to share that we made real headway into some deals that could fuel our growth this year. I’m holding off sharing more details until we’re ready to announce. Stay tuned as we progress.

Turnarounds Require Agility


It’s great that I’m really inspired by the trip since we’ll be hitting the ground running this week. We’re still in the middle of absorbing several brands from the recent acquisition.

These first weeks are usually a hectic time for the team since we have to get ourselves up to speed very quickly. Everyone has to understand the situation of the brands and quickly introduce much-needed changes operationally. Distressed brands do need immediate intervention. Restructuring is part of the process.

As such, we do assign a huge premium to agility. I’m quite proud how the team has adopted this as part of the mindset and culture. Everyone’s eager to internalize the state of the brands and we’re all comfortable wearing several hats as needed as we keep things lean. This allows us to make sure we have a very good view of things and make the impactful changes quickly.

January Figures Coming Up

Next week, we’ll be taking a look at our January figures. Historically, the first month of the new year can bring mixed results depending on the brands and products. There’s generally a post-holiday slowdown and some sales fatigue from customers. Though some brands can have quite the start for the year.

Let’s see what January brought us in next week’s entry.

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