❄️Season’s Greetings from Inversal!

🙌Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays

Hello and happy Sunday!

It’s that time of the year again. Much as we’d like to always go full steam as we’ve had for the past year, we understand the value of taking a bit of a break to recharge, unwind, and spend time with friends and family. So nothing lengthy for this week’s newsletter.

I just want to wish everyone…

Happy Holidays!

Seasons Greetings from Inversal

Whatever holidays you observe this time of the year, we’re sending out our season’s greetings!

In this season of joy and togetherness, we extend our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. May these days be filled with happiness, peace, and laughter!

Some Quick Updates

We bought an aggregator last December 19 and we’re pretty excited to share more details about that latest acquisition when we can. Stay tuned as we unveil more of the details about our deals in future editions.

We’re also in the process of improving the operational playbook of several brands under our management. We’re set to launch some pretty interesting customer and member-focused initiatives that would make their online shopping experience much better in early 2024.

Next Sunday, we’ll be having a recap of 2023 and a preview of what else we’re drumming up for next year. As I’ve been saying, 2024 is going to be an exciting year for us at Inversal.

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