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May the new year be our year!

🎉Happy New Year from Inversal!

🎆A Prosperous 2024 to All Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s been a frantic 2023 for us. Even in these last few days of the year, we’re still doing business and hammering out some details on our latest acquisition. Most of the team are also enjoying their well-earned break during these holidays. Because of this, I’m afraid […]

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Seasons Greetings from Inversal

❄️Season’s Greetings from Inversal!

🙌Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays Hello and happy Sunday! It’s that time of the year again. Much as we’d like to always go full steam as we’ve had for the past year, we understand the value of taking a bit of a break to recharge, unwind, and spend time with friends and family. So nothing lengthy […]

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Weighing in on weighted blankets

🛏️Weighing in on Weighted Blankets

🛠️Acquisition Teardown of a Shopify Brand Welcome to this week’s newsletter! We’re all the way from Germany for this one. We are closing next Tuesday on a new portfolio from an aggregator and one of the businesses we are most excited about sells weighted blankets. If you’re not familiar with these products, weighted blankets can […]

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📉Distressed E-commerce Valuation

💵 Brands <$1MM revenue are worth $1 Welcome back to our newsletter, let me start this week with a bold statement. In 2024, if your brand does less than $1MM in revenue and has less than a 15% CM3/SDE margin it is only worth $1. Allow me to explain our logic in detail for this […]

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⚠️ November 2023 Revenue Update: Up $405,187 (44.7%)

Revenue Up $405,187 (44.7%) Hello, everyone! Hope you had a profitable November. We’ve been very busy with BFCM and integrating the new acquisition. This was also my highest month ever in terms of revenue since I started doing e-commerce in 2017. We haven’t included in the November results the Amazon aggregator we bought for $1 […]

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