⚠️ Inversal December 2023 Update

💵 Revenue Up $295,676 (22.6%)

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year!

Q4 is over. Everyone had time to relax during the holidays and we have been back at work since the 2nd. December 2023 has been our highest month in revenue and profit since I started e-commerce back in 2017.

Let’s make 2024 even better!

Our highest month ever in revenue
Our highest month ever in revenue

Our CM3/SDE margin improved to 14.0% because we hit the jackpot in one of our product launches of the year. The two main competitors got delisted at the start of the month and we made over 40% margin on it. It is also a product that has high sales post-Christmas and going very strongly in January as well. Preparedness means opportunity.

Neither of the two aggregators bought in 2023 has been added here. We will start adding them in January. We will also be divesting 2 assets into a new business unit.

Another Aggregator Acquired

We closed the transaction on December 19th and all our executive team and directors worked over the holidays to migrate the 4 brands. We are finally transferring the day-to-day to our team and have 8 job positions currently open.

January will be a busy month in preparation for 2024 growth. We already had our Q1 meeting and have a very clear vision and rocks to beat from now until the end of March.

I am keeping short this week, there is much to do and we are excited to get it done.

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