🎉Happy New Year from Inversal!

🎆A Prosperous 2024 to All

Happy Sunday, everyone!

It’s been a frantic 2023 for us. Even in these last few days of the year, we’re still doing business and hammering out some details on our latest acquisition. Most of the team are also enjoying their well-earned break during these holidays.

Because of this, I’m afraid we’ll have to push our year-end recap and detailed discussions about our latest acquisitions to the new year.

Still, we do have some year-end announcements that I’d like to share. To start, I just want to wish everyone…

A Happy New Year!

May the new year be our year!
May the new year be our year!

From us at Inversal, we wish you the best this coming year. May 2024 bring you happiness, good health, success, and prosperity!


He’ll be hitting the ground running…
He’ll be hitting the ground running…

Our new COO will be starting on January 2. He brings with him plenty of experience in developing businesses and leading expansion efforts. Those would be key to what we’re trying to achieve with the business moving forward.

We’ll make a formal announcement soon, where we’ll be sharing more details about our latest addition to the team.

January Topics

We’ll be spilling the facts real soon
We’ll be spilling the facts real soon

You might have noticed that I’ve already been teasing quite a lot in these past posts. I just don’t want to get into details until I’m sure I can disclose all the important and relevant information.

Don’t you worry! I’ve been keeping tabs on all my promises in this newsletter, and I’m making sure that I circle back and elaborate on the details and stories.

For January, we’ll be covering the following topics in this newsletter:

  • Our monthly financial update
  • A recap of 2023
  • How we manage brands through decentralization
  • Our recent acquisition of a German aggregator

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