Strengthening relationships in Japan and China

Unless you’re running a very local e-commerce business, you’d have to think global if you want to grow your venture.

Fostering cross-border partnerships have been vital to our growth. We pretty much have a worldwide operation at Inversal. The US remains our biggest market and some of our brands are focused on Europe. We deal with manufacturers and suppliers from all over the globe. Our workforce is based mainly in the Philippines and China.

This week has been another busy one for me. I’m currently travelling. I made a stop at China to talk to our team and reconnect with our suppliers. This week, I’m also in Japan to nurture potential business that we can do with some of our Japanese partners.

Strengthening Our Shenzhen Connection

After a short stop in Hong Kong

Schenzen is not only a vital hub in the e-commerce in Asia. It’s pivotal in the global e-commerce network. It’s been called as the “Silicon Valley of Hardware.” A lot of electronics manufacturers that supply factories for many popular gadgets have factories and operations in Shenzhen.

It’s very strategically located and is very close to Hong Kong. It’s near one of the world’s busiest ports, making it an ideal base of operations to anyone looking to deal with manufacturers in China. It shares the same time zone as our team in the Philippines so we can do real-time collaboration during office hours.

This is why our China team is based in Shenzhen. I recently visited them to align our goals and strategies for the year. We are looking to drive more sales for some of our top-selling brands and find better suppliers for some of our recently-acquired brands.

We’d like our COGS to be optimal, while ensuring that quality isn’t compromised. We also have to make sure that we have enough stocks available for the demand.

With the Chinese new year looming, we have to get our orders set so that production and deliveries will not be derailed. This requires our China team to coordinate with our suppliers and communicate with the rest of our teams handling sales, marketing, and support.

Japan as Perfect Capital Partners

Getting around
Getting around

Aside from China, we’re also exploring deeper partnerships with our Japanese friends. Like China, Japan is also just a four-hour flight from Manila. And the time difference is just an hour.

I have meetings lined up on Monday and Tuesday and they all look promising. We might enjoy new partnerships for our existing brands soon. And, we’re even considering creating new ventures with all the available opportunities!

Japan still enjoys a strong economy. It’s still the third largest next to China and the US. It’s a hub for technological innovation. The Japanese are sticklers for high standards of quality and they’re top-notch when it comes to ethics and reliability.

It also helps that we like other things about the Japanese culture. As you know, I’m a huge Pokemon card game fan. Many of our staff are fans of anime, JRPG, and Japanese history. And who doesn’t like sushi and Wagyu beef?

They’re the perfect capital partners for Inversal.

Hectic But Exciting

The first three weeks of January has been such a rush for the team. We really hit the ground running after the holidays. There were a few wrinkles to smooth out due to the holiday rush but our team was able to come together and pull through.

Now, with these trips, I’m getting even more excited with what the rest of the year will have in store.

Let’s go, 2024! Bring it on!

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