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January 2024 Updates

⚠️ January 2024 Update

We closed one business January was one of the most terrible months since I was in business personally. We decided to close a business doing close to $3MM revenue a year when AMEX cut down our line; we could not pay vendors in time once they cut us off and didn’t agree to a restructuring […]

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Why being lean and mean matters

💪🏼Why Being Lean and Mean Matters

Agility is paramount during turnarounds Whew! I’m just getting settled in after a busy week and a half travelling to China and Japan. Business trips can be tiring but this one had me quite energized after having fruitful discussions with our team, friends, and new partners. Headways Made The Lunar New Year is just around […]

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Unlocking Avenues for Growth through Cross-border Partnerships

✈️Unlocking Avenues for Growth through Cross-border Partnerships

Strengthening relationships in Japan and China Unless you’re running a very local e-commerce business, you’d have to think global if you want to grow your venture. Fostering cross-border partnerships have been vital to our growth. We pretty much have a worldwide operation at Inversal. The US remains our biggest market and some of our brands […]

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Why Product ROI Matters More than Margin in Amazon FBA

💰Why Product ROI Matters More than Margin in Amazon FBA

💰Why Product ROI Matters More than Margin in Amazon FBA 👑Cash ROI is king Today, I will discuss the main product KPI we use at Inversal to succeed at Amazon FBA. Most aggregators have focused on profit margin after PPC but before OPEX when acquiring businesses in the last 3 years. I will explain why […]

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December 2023 Update

⚠️ Inversal December 2023 Update

💵 Revenue Up $295,676 (22.6%) Hello, everyone! Happy New Year! Q4 is over. Everyone had time to relax during the holidays and we have been back at work since the 2nd. December 2023 has been our highest month in revenue and profit since I started e-commerce back in 2017. Let’s make 2024 even better! Our […]

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